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Rough Country

270 Degree Awning Wall Enclosure

270 Degree Awning Wall Enclosure

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?ǻIf you're an outdoor enthusiast, you know that having enough space and privacy is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Rough Country's 270-degree Awning Wall Enclosure Kit is designed to seamlessly complement your 270-degree Awning, providing extra room, privacy, and protection, all while ensuring easy access to your vehicle. \
Enhanced Shelter and Privacy: This kit provides privacy and comfort for outdoor adventures. Use it as a changing room, a sleeping area, or a place to relax and escape the elements.\
Easy Integration: Attaching the Wall Enclosure is a breeze. It attaches to our 270-degreeAwning, ensuring a secure and snug fit.\
Roll-Up Privacy Windows: Experience the perfect balance between openness and privacy with four roll-up windows featuring mosquito screens. Enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects at bay, or roll them down for a private retreat.\
Telescopic Aluminum Poles: The included set of three telescopic aluminum poles provides structural stability, ensuring your shelter remains sturdy and reliable even in unpredictable outdoor environments. \
Secure Tie Down Straps and Tent Stakes: We understand the importance of anchoring your shelter securely. That's why we've included tie-down straps and tent stakes to keep your enclosure firmly in place, so you can enjoy your activities worry-free.\
Convenient Storage: When your adventure ends, the 270- Degree Awning Wall Enclosure Kit is designed for easy pack-up and storage. It neatly stows away in a durable, UV-coated bag, protecting your kit until your next adventure.\
Order the Rough Country's 270-degree Awning Wall Enclosure Kit today and get the privacy you need and the comfort you deserve.

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