2X 35W D2S/D2C HID Replacement Headlight Bulb 4300K 5000K 6000K 8000K 10000K 12000K

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  • High brightness: the brightness of 35W xenon lamp is twice than that of 35W halogen lamp; No excess glare will be produced. No interference will be caused to the driver who is driving to the car.
  • Oil and power saving; only 35W power, 40% energy saving compared with the traditional halogen lamp;Efficient, environmental protection, and long service life, 10 times longer than that of halogen lamps
  • It is widely applied and can normally work under low battery voltage;Applicable in various high and low temperature and humid environment
  • Good sealing property, waterproof, dust-proof and windproof; Good shockproof feature avoids flashing lights on bumpy road
  • The product quality is very stable; 100% plug and play and easy installation


Car Brand: Universal
Voltage: 24V
Car Model: Universal
Item Type: Light Sourcing
Xenon Light Model: D2S