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M1R Resi Loaded Strut Pair | Front | 3.5" | Ford Bronco 4WD (2021-2024)

M1R Resi Loaded Strut Pair | Front | 3.5" | Ford Bronco 4WD (2021-2024)

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Improved Stance, Balance, and Handling.?ǻIf you want to improve your vehicle's on-road performance and off-road capabilities, Rough Country's M1R Struts are the way to go. Our M1R Leveling Struts help stabilize your vehicle's movements, enhancing control when you turn, brake, accelerate, or ride over uneven road surfaces. As an adjustable ride height strut, these M1R?ÇÖs keep your suspension from overextending, providing a more consistent ride. Made for rugged off-road performance, our M1R struts have a 2-inch digressive piston for a more stable ride, preserving the smooth ride quality you need.\
Quality Construction.?ǻRough Country's M1R Loaded Struts have been engineered to give you the most reliable performance, increased driving comfort, and all-around performance for your vehicle. Made from 2" seamless extruded tubing and features durable vulcanized natural rubber bushings. They're also powder-coated silver for resistance against the elements. Plus, they're adjustable in height. Utilizing multiple grooves in the strut body the spring perch can be raised or lowered. So whether you're looking to add a little extra clearance for off-roading or just want your ride to sit a little higher, our M1R Monotube Reservoir Struts are the perfect solution.\
Installation and Warranty. This bolt-on installation requires just basic tools and about 2-3 hours to complete. Our Strut Kit is backed with a limited lifetime replacement warranty towards manufacturer defects. As such, the product is protected from structural and workmanship damage after the date of purchase. With our industry-leading warranty, give yourself peace of mind when using Rough Country's products!

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