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OceanLED OceanBridge Control Unit [013201]

OceanLED OceanBridge Control Unit [013201]

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OceanBridge Control Unit

The OceanBridge is a patented multizone lighting controller designed specifically for controlling all of the boat’s lights from an MFD, smartphone, or tablet. This innovative system allows users complete control of the entire OceanLED range of lights and accessories, as well as most third-party (DMX or on/off) DC-powered lights. The OceanBridge gives users complete control over color change, music sync, color fade, color transitions, brightness, zone creation, and OceanLED's patented movement-to-color functionality.

Ideal for All Types of Boats

At OceanLED, they understand the need to control all the boat lights from a single interface. Whether users have a small rib, large sport fishing boat, sailing yacht, or motor cruiser, the OceanBridge ensures easy and seamless control. The small unit is quick to install and doesn’t require much space. Control is easy via an MFD, or if the boat isn’t equipped with an MFD, simply control the lights via a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module.

Custom Scene & Zone Control

With the OceanBridge, you can create an incredible 10 lighting zones as standard and up to 10 lighting scenes. No matter how large the vessel is, the agility of fully customizable control means the possibilities are almost endless. OceanBridge scenes allow users to save pre-set lighting colors and modes, which can be easily assigned to any zone. Users can set OceanLED's unique sweep scene mode to any zone using lights of the same type, creating the ‘Knight Rider’ effect. The additional flexibility of adding up to four instant-on switches means control can be tailored to specific areas of the boat.

Control Lights & Accessories Easily

The advanced OceanBridge system allows you to create and control a lighting system with up to 64 (DMX or on/off) lights at one time; even non-OceanLED lights can be added to the system. With the use of splitters, the system can be expanded to over 150 lights. Plug-and-play control compatibility is ensured thanks to the system NMEA 2000 compatibility and supporting MFD network connectivity. You now have complete flexibility in one system.

Intelligent Lighting Commands

The OceanBridge makes syncing the underwater and onboard lights to music effortless. With the built-in AUX socket or via Bluetooth audio connection, users can set light colors and modes to automatically match music using the base, midtones, and treble. Alternatively, the unique addition of the built-in gyroscope allows the system to go even further. OceanLED's patent-pending design allows users to set the lights to change with the movement of a boat. OceanLED's timer function goes a step further, allowing users to trigger specific scenes at set times of the day or night.

Universal Compatibility and Control

The OceanBridge is compatible with all major MFD units, including Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, B & G, Raymarine, and Furuno. OceanLED built the OceanBridge with complete accessibility in mind; no matter the boat, MFD, or lights, the OceanBridge is the complete control solution.


  • Color control
  • Expandable system
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Universal compatibility 
  • 10 dynamic scenes
  • 10 lighting zones
  • Dynamic audio control
  • Wave Motion Mode

Technical Specifications:

  • Water Protection Rating: IP66
  • Power Consumption: 6W (500mA @12V DC)
  • Operating Voltage: 12/24V DC (Max 32V DC)
  • Power Input: NMEA 2000 Connector Port
  • Input Cable Glands: IP68
  • Output Cable Glands: IP68
  • Wi-Fi: Built-In
  • External Switch Inputs: Supports Four External Switch Inputs
  • Bluetooth: Built-In
  • On-board Sensors: Gyroscope Sensor & Thermal Sensor
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C ambient
  • Network Connections: NMEA 2000 connection & Ethernet connection
  • Audio: 1 x Audio-In 3.5mm | 1 x Audio-Out 3.5mm

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 210mm x 91m x 65mm
  • Weight:    490g
  • Material: Robust Polycarbonate

Owner's Manual (pdf)
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