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Rough Country

305/55R20 Rough Country M/T | Dual Sidewall

305/55R20 Rough Country M/T | Dual Sidewall

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If you're looking for a tire that can handle the toughest off-road terrain, but still provide a comfortable ride on the road, then you need Rough Country's M/T Tires with Dual Sidewall. These rugged and aggressive tires are designed to conquer challenging terrains while providing on-road comfort and handling. The innovative dual sidewall design lets you customize your vehicle's appearance, making it uniquely yours.\
Dual Sidewall Design: The M/T Tires come with a unique dual sidewall design, allowing users to switch between two distinct looks, providing a chance to personalize their vehicle's appearance to match their style and preferences.\
Unparalleled Traction: These tires are engineered to deliver outstanding traction in most off-road conditions, including mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrains.\
Exceptional Off-Road Performance: The M/T Tires are designed to provide unmatched traction in all types of terrain. Their sturdy construction and specialized tread pattern offer superior performance in most off-road conditions, including mud, snow, sand, and rocks.\
On-Road Comfort and Handling: Despite their aggressive nature, these tires also provide a comfortable and smooth on-road driving experience. The steel-belted radial tubeless design offers stability, even wear, and excellent handling, ensuring a smooth ride in everyday driving conditions.\
Our M/T Dual Sidewall Tires are backed with Rough Country?ÇÖs manufactory warranty, so you can unleash your vehicle's potential and conquer the road with confidence.

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